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In today’s world, the web is bursting with incalculable amounts of health-related information, giving Americans unprecedented resources to pro-actively take part in their own well-being. But how do you sort through it yourself? And how do you know what’s even accurate? Effective? Or even safe? You Call Medicus Global!

Leave it to a qualified doctor to have the answers you need, right at your fingertips. Medicus offers individuals of all ages with immediate phone access to a nationwide network of doctors and nurses 24/7, 365 days a year – ready to provide medical advice and prescription services when you need them.

Lower costs

Equivalent healthcare outcomes at lower costs for participating Americans.


Low cost and affordable healthcare options for insured and uninsured patients.


Focus on personalized, private consultations that are high quality, affordable and easy to access.


Streamline coordinated care through the use of open, privacy-protected Electronic Medical Records (EMR).

Save time

Timely care for patients who have problems missing work to see a doctor for routine medical services.


Relieve pressure on overcrowded, understaffed hospital emergency rooms.

The Medicus Global Mission Statement:

“Dedication to the health and wellbeing of mankind is the charity we tender for our space on this planet.  Our company’s achievement is directly related to the service we impart.  The needs of each Medicus Global Member, Affiliate and Business Consultants, are priority of our company.   We are viscerally dedicated to the onboarding of continued improvements through research and analysis of tactics leading to the measurable success of our company and its valuable members.  We will always execute these proven sales, marketing and functionally operational methodologies for our members benefit.  We will always improve and enhance our member’s business opportunity and product life cycles. We will only provide advice, training and direction based on our competency of expertise focused on success. We will always develop and seek relevant and compelling strategic alliances with other competent partnerships to create mutually benefiting and profitable relationships.  We will always communicate to our members what they need to know, not just what they want to hear.  We will never fail to keep our mission statement as our core beliefs and a lifeline guide to maintain the objective to build long-term relationships. By striving to be a center of inspirational influence our goal is to earn and keep our members friendship, trust, respect and esteemed loyalty.”

24hr Access

24-hr, nationwide access to physician consultative services to our members who are unable to obtain medical care from their primary physician.

Protect Your Family

If you apply in the family program, immediate family members residing in your household can use your membership card.

Anyone Can Join!

No matter what your age, anyone can join Medicus – even if you already have another medical insurance plan.

Pre-Existing Condition?

No Problem! If you have a pre-existing condition, you can still join Medicus!