Cancer screenings are the beginning of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. As a physician, you want to improve the lives of your patients while maintaining their quality of life. Patients expect personalized care, tailored medications and thoughtful oversight. Early diagnosis based on preventive tests is highly important and can save a patient’s life.

Our Hereditary Cancer Test Panels analyze the most frequent syndromes that present predisposition to cancer. We cover analysis of 31 genes associated with the diseases, increasing the accuracy of diagnosis and treatment. Using test portfolios, our laboratory staff screens the most important aspects related to cancer care: predisposition, prevention, early detection, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment. These aspects allow us to offer a customized service to physicians and patients in terms of cancer treatment.

Breast Cancer

Ovarian Cancer

Colorectal Cancer

Pancreatic Cancer

Endometrial Cancer

Prostate Cancer

Gastric Cancer

Melanoma Cancer

Who should be tested?

  • Patients having several relatives with the same type of cancer
  • Patients having relatives diagnosed with cancer at young ages, usually < 50
  • Patients with several affected generations
  • Patients who have been diagnosed with cancer

Our Laboratory team supports physicians in their fields of activity, offering an on-site employee to assist with sample collection and manage the cancer program on your behalf. We will always assist in material orders, in-office sample reading and interpretation of all results.

Physicians are provided with a personal, dedicated login, which grants direct access to detailed comprehensive reports through our web-based portal. Each result is interpreted by an experienced geneticist in order to ensure quality and create an easily understandable report.

Our laboratory staff is dedicated to providing accurate results, short turnaround times and reporting that is informative and accessible. We produce direct results that provide physicians with immediate actionable diagnosis. We are committed to industry leading service and provide all physician clients with prompt shipping and results within 8-10 days after insurance authorization.

Our laboratory staff provides a genetic counselor to help an ordering physician decide which patients may be good candidates and which of the genetic tests may be appropriate for each of those patients. Our genetic counselors are healthcare professionals with specialized training in genetics. They can speak with the patient before and after the test results become available.

Topics discussed with our genetic counselor:

  • Possible test results the patient can expect
  • Family members who should consider genetic testing
  • Discussing what the patient’s genetic test results mean