From a physician’s perspective, the best patient outcomes depend on the best possible information. Basic toxicology, long a foundational element of medical decision making, is perhaps more important now than ever before. Patient behaviors are changing. In an overly medicated society, going back to the basics is often exactly what is necessary. Toxicology tests protect the well-being of patients, practices and physicians.

Toxicology platform is a full service offering. We support medical office staff on all elements of the program and processes. We are able to assist with sample collection by providing an on-site employee to manage the toxicology program on your behalf. Whether we provide an on-site program manager or offer program support from a distance, we will always assist in material orders, in-office sample reading, shipping and interpretation of results.

The retrieval of patient reports is almost effortless using our web-based portal. Physicians are provided with a personal login which grants direct access to comprehensive reports.

Our laboratory staff is dedicated to providing accurate results, short turnaround times and reporting that is informative and accessible. We produce clear, straight-forward results that provide physicians with immediate actionable information. We are committed to industry leading service and we provide all physician clients with prompt, nationwide two-day shipping and results within 48 hours after receiving the samples.