Our Charities

The Blue Bowtie Foundation mission is to educate men and women of our community about the numerous types of male cancers emphasizing on prostate cancer. They do this through awareness campaigns and clinics in communities.  Their campaign is focused to raise the community’s concern and assist men with getting tested.  Encouraging men and encouraging women to get the men in their lives to understand that early detection can save a life.

Autisticfit Society foundation is inspired by Amber Black’s life journey managing autism and PTSD. The vision is intended to act as a gateway and gift to the community and to exemplify her commitment to overcome adversity through fitness. This foundation aims to focus on highlighting hope, finding solutions and being an inspiration to others. It is because of Amber’s unique experiences in dealing with her own challenges and her passion for helping others, that our foundation was initiated as a vessel to uplift others and expand consciousness. Fitness proactively provided a pathway and opportunity to personally create a means to flourish in her life.