Specialty Pharmacy


A nationwide, pharmacy offering providing physicians a therapeutic alternative to oral narcotics for treating pain with FDA-approved, transdermal products. These medications can be used for a number of conditions across a broad spectrum of specialties to achieve a more positive therapeutic outcome. Physicians and patients alike are enthusiastically adopting these efficacious medications as easy to use alternatives to traditional therapies for pain, metabolic imbalance, scars and dangerous wounds.

Conventional Therapies Various modalities that aid physicians to help their patients who are suffering from complex disorders for conditions that require specialized therapies and personalized care.

  • Paks Innovative, pre-packaged topical cream kits offer broader accessibility for patients and a more convenient delivery method for physicians and pharmacists alike.
  • Patch Therapies Many of our physicians have begun prescribing both a cream and a patch for more complete symptom relief. Patches use heating and cooling sensations together to soothe pain and irritation. They attach comfortably and unobtrusively to the skin allowing for easy overnight relief. A combined approach of cream use during the day and patch use overnight minimizes pain in a more sustainable manner over a 24-hour period.
  • Wellness Formulations We have developed a broad set of capsule based formulations to respond to the realities of today’s demanding lifestyles. Our formulations provide metabolic balance, supplemental energy, vitamin resources and active ingredients to help in weight management.

Enhance Patient Experience:

  • Patient friendly alternative to oral medications for elderly and child patients who struggle to take pills
  • Speedy relief of common pain associated with arthritis, post-surgery recovery and migraine headaches
  • Increased adherence to prescribed course of therapy
  • Delivered directly to patient’s home for added convenience

Sourcing Medicus Global has aligned itself with major pharmaceutical manufacturing partners to source these FDA-approved products. By doing so, we have access to a menu of exclusive, competitive and innovative manufactured products not available through traditional acquisition sources. We are able to answer ongoing questions about formulations, applications and fulfillment of prescriptions. Our network of specialty pharmacies are a select group that can offer these topically applied therapies. These products are on formulary with most pharmacy benefit management and federal programs. By Medicus Global controlling pharmacy sourcing, we are able to keep cost of goods down and transparent to the field.

Our Process Committed to taking a whole life approach to serving patients and the physicians who treat them, Medicus Global provides patient care solutions that distinguishes us from our competitors. We utilize a proprietary HIPAA-compliant eFax platform for providers to insure transparency of all prescriptions submitted. Having created a custom, industry leading cloud-based CRM known as, Medicus Global  Solutions Performance Portal, we provide individual user access for each and every sales consultant facilitating complete and timely access to data and trust in the process.

Performance Portal:

  • Prescriptions are received via our HIPAA-compliant eFax platform and entered into the portal
  • Customer Service team documents summary of every patient call and insurance contact
  • Ensure completeness of prescription for the pharmacy to timely process
  • Ability to download detailed reports on adjudication outcomes

Customer Service

Medicus Global provides an industry leading and widely celebrated customer service platform to support each and every patient we serve. We have cultivated a high touch culture of customer service. Our representatives are highly trained, professional, courteous and informative to all patients.

Our customer service approach provides:

  • Individual, personal contact of each and every patient
  • Assurance that all courses of therapy and refills are adhered to by patients
  • Pursuit of all missing information required to fulfill prescriptions
  • Contact and collaboration with all insurance payers

We strive to ensure that your orders, prescriptions, questions and concerns are taken care of within an expedient and efficient manner as possible